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11 Amazing Benefits Of Jogging Every Day

Having a routine of jogging, even just five or ten minutes per day still brings us a great number of health benefits. Go through this article and you will have an overview of jogging, highlighting 11 amazing benefits of jogging every day

a couple is jogging
Multiethnic athletes running fast on the street

What is jogging?

Jogging is often defined as running slower. The main difference between jogging and running is pace and effort. The average speed of jogging is less than 6 miles per hour, while running is considered 6 mph or more.


Why should you spend time jogging every day?

Many people think fast jogging does not affect a lot of health with other subjects such as cycling, swimming, etc. However, scientists have proven that it is worth spending time jogging every day.

1. The first amazing benefit of jogging every day – Keeping fit

Many pieces of research show that jogging will help you burn calories. Jogging at an average rate of 30 minutes will help your body burn 150 calories. The number of calories burned can be up to 300-500 calories if you walk faster and more dangerous terrain.

a fitness girl
Keeping fit is a benefit of jogging every day

In addition to effectively burning your body’s energy, regular jogging can also help control your appetite. Thus, jogging properly is a way to lose weight effectively.


2. Good for skin

Jogging circulates blood throughout your body, including the surface of your skin. This supplies the skin with oxygen and other essential nutrients that produce new healthy skin cells and help repair damaged skin. After an hour-long jog take a look in the mirror and you will see happy and glowing skin.

Regular jogging tones the muscles and tightens the skin, thereby reducing cellulite. Sometimes, jogging can eliminate cellulite as if it never existed!


3. Strengthen muscles

Like other types of movement, jogging is an activity that affects the muscle masses in the body. It will help your belly fat gradually melt away, then helps firm your muscles.

Another one of the benefits of jogging every day - strengthening your muscles
Jogging every day strengthens your muscles

Jogging preserves muscles and increases blood circulation to all parts of the body, especially calf muscles. This form of movement also prevents venous insufficiency in the elderly. Jogging 10,000 steps a day will affect your leg muscles the equivalent of a gym session, and it is even more effective if you walk uphill.


4. Reduce risks of heart attack and other heart diseases

In regular joggers, the heart rate tends to be more stable, helping to maintain general health and the cardiovascular system in particular, always in good shape.

Depending on your health conditions, you should jog with appropriate intensity, it is best to jog lightly for short distances. Do not force yourself to follow a heavy, high-speed schedule because this affects your heart rate quite a bit.

Each session should take place between 30 and 45 minutes. Start with small intervals, then level up your way.

For more exercise for your heart, read: What Are The Exercises For High Blood Pressure?


5. Another benefit of jogging every day is improving the immune system

Being a boost to immunity is one of the amazing benefits of jogging every day
Being a boost to immunity is one of the amazing benefits of jogging every day

This type of exercise contributes to strengthening the resistance, improving the immune system. Because during the exercise, the body is used to physical activity, increasing intensity, so the stamina and endurance are raised. The body’s ability to withstand many external environmental conditions is also better.

It also eliminates the toxins in the body. Exercise in general and jogging, in particular, are activities that doctors encourage people to perform regularly to increase the body’s resistance, prevent disease.


6. Increase endurance level

Increasing physical stamina will help increase exercise efficiency, which means level up your endurance.

Daily jogging helps to have a positive impact on the fatigue and sluggishness of the body. Besides, exercising in a state where the body feels drowsy and lethargic can help increase long-term physical stamina, experts say.


7. Aids in good digestion

In addition to its health-boosting effects, jogging also helps the digestive system to function more smoothly. Jogging helps to regulate blood levels in the body and aids the digestive system.

Therefore, taking 20-30 minutes a day to jog for a healthy digestive system, better absorption.

Jogging aids the digestive system.
Jogging aids the digestive system.

8. Better respiratory health and breathing

Constant, erratic hot and cold weather, polluted dusty air, and sedentary habits of physical exercise … are the causes of susceptibility to respiratory diseases as well as diseases. This progresses worse. One of the measures to help prevent this disease effectively is exercise and sports.

When you jog, you need to combine with breathing, jogging for a long time you will have stable breathing. As a result, your lungs also increase the ability to take oxygen and the tolerance of the respiratory system also increases.


9. Fight stress is an amazing benefit of jogging every day

Stress is often associated with anxiety and depression, and it is also the cause of many physical health ailments.

Jogging helps burn stress chemicals like norepinephrine and cortisol, releasing not only fun endorphins but serotonin and dopamine as well. This can help promote feelings of safety and peace of mind to combat the pessimism and negative thoughts that accompany depression, anxiety, and stress.

Besides, it helps you reduce mental health problems and even helps give you a more positive mindset and better decision-making, of course.


10. Anti-aging benefits

Anti-aging is another amazing benefit of jogging every day

There is evidence that physical activity affects our age. Older adults who exercise regularly are healthier, more balanced, muscular, and less likely to develop diseases and disabilities than their peers.

Jogging every day not only brings you energy but also keeps your spine flexible. As everyone gets older, the more flexible you feel, the healthier you are.


11. Better sleep is another one of the benefits of jogging every day

Researches show that exercising or jogging 3-4 times per week improves both the depth and quality of sleep. Daily jogging relaxes the muscles due to the influence of the body’s endorphins hormones released during the run. As a side note, the best time to run is late afternoon or evening and should not be run at night or close to bedtime.


Jogging regularly brings us a wide range of health benefits. We hope these 11 amazing benefits of jogging every day can help you make sure that it is really good for your health.


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