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The Unexpected Benefits Of Running Is Best Than The Gym

There is no doubt that exercise has a lot of benefits for our bodies but when it comes to running and the gym, it’s better to choose running over the gym. These unexpected benefits of running best are the gym that will help you decide which subject to choose.

1. The first benefit of running – You can run anytime, anywhere

The first benefit of running – You can run anytime, anywhere
Wherever you are, anytime, you can always run

People often use “no time to go to the gym” as an excuse for their inactivity, but if the sport you choose is running then this reason is disabled. Although gyms often tend to limit opening hours, you can run at all times. Run early in the morning or late evening, or whenever you have free time.

Also, if with the gym, you need to have a full gym with support equipment; jogging doesn’t require you to have a fixed space. You can completely choose a space to run for yourself such as a wooden floor, asphalt, forest floor, or lawn in the park. You can even jog on the spot or run up and downstairs in your own home.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to choose suitable shoes for each type of premises you choose. Running with bare feet or the right sneakers will best support your training.


2. Change position continuously

Instead of exercising in a limited space, you can easily choose where to run. Running for longer distances will give you more space to experience.

This benefit is especially effective in significantly improving your mood. Changing the space continuously helps you to avoid being bored during practice. Each run is different, you will never know what will await you. That gives you the motivation.

To make your run more fun, you can mix it up so many ways, from running hills, going on tempo runs, performing intervals, or mixing it up between the road and the trail.


3. Being outside is better

The human body gets most of its vitamin D from sun exposure, but since people spend all of their time indoors, well, you know how it goes. Going out and running early in the morning or late afternoon will help you better absorb the beneficial vitamins D.

Running outside also improves bone health. Unlike every other exercise you can do in the gym, running promotes bone regeneration along with your muscles. Besides, exposure to different terrain also helps your bones and joints become more flexible and flexible.

Being outside is better
Being outside is better

Want to know which are good exercises for your health, read: What Are The Exercises For High Blood Pressure?


4. Running helps you get lean

Most people when it comes to exercise is to lose weight. The average 1 hour of gym burns about 300 calories. 1 hour of running obviously burns twice those calories, as well as an hour of treadmill training (set at fast) that burns an average of 705 to 865 calories.

Thus, running combined with adequate sleep and eating science is the best way to lose weight, especially for busy people.


5. Saving is one of the benefits of running

Saving is the most obvious benefit of running. Instead of investing your money in the gym, or other expensive equipment, you can run without equipment.

If you already have a pair of sneakers and an athletic suit, you hit the road immediately. Of course, if you want to improve the quality of your running, it is a good idea to have a headset or a device that measures health indicators (usually a smartwatch or smartphone).

Being outside is better
Being outside is better


6. Socialize

Another health benefit of running is expanding your social network. You can completely set up a group of people who share the same interests as you jog. Running with lots of people not only makes running less boring but also helps you improve your communication skills.

Contests are also the best way to challenge yourself. With running, the competitions are not limited. There isn’t a single standard for how you run or the distance you choose, but a running contest with your group of friends absolutely will be an unforgettable experience.


7. Longevity

Longevity is the next benefit that running brings
Longevity is the next benefit that running brings

Many studies show that regular runners have a longer life expectancy than those who are sedentary.

The health benefits are undeniable. Running helps you to strengthen the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system, digestive system, increase breathing ability, etc. Another surprising benefit that many people do not know about is that it helps you have healthy eyes. According to a study in 2013, jogging no less than 8km per day will reduce the function of cataracts by 41% – the main factor causing the elderly to lose vision or blindness. It will be difficult to improve your eyesight if you just work out in the gym.


8. Another one of the benefits of running is improving attention and memory

Running gives you a goal orientation. You are always trying to reach new goals and you know that you cannot achieve the blunt end goal his g in a day. Running is an activity that takes time, direction, and consistency.

Maximize your attention to running, you not only improve the quality of your run, but you can also avoid unnecessary harm. Besides, for the elderly, when the brain function gradually deteriorates, running promotes active neurons, contributing to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


9. No limits

Gym limits the practitioner in terms of space, time, and stamina. Equipment types have their own limits. However, running is not like that.

Start running with the basics, then gradually increase your speed. You can also run for short distances and gradually extend your run. Moreover, you can create different ways of running or combine different terrain runs. Running allows your creativity to be shown.

there are no limits of running
There are no limits of running


10. The last one of the benefits of running – No stinky gym bag!

People often tend to put all of their things in one bag for convenience when they go to the gym. The closed environment makes gym clothes stink, leading to an unpleasant odor for a long time. The material of the gym kit is usually Spandex or Lycra. This fabric is designed to stretch and make it easier for sweat to escape. This fabric is great for physical activities, but the problem is that it is quite difficult to wash and clean.

But running is different after you go for a run then come back home, you can change your clothes and wash them right away!


People have different opinions about exercise. Both running and the gym have their good and bad points. However, hopefully through this article, you will realize the unexpected benefits of running is best than the gym.


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