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Totally Running Diet Apps Reviews: What Makes Them The Best

You probably have a slew of apps to help you improve your running, but in order to get the most out of your workouts, you also need to get a handle on your nutrition. There is an app to help you achieve your nutrition goals, whether they are to try new recipes, eat more plants, eat healthy on the go, or lose weight. Here are some of our favorite running diet apps for you to try.

a phone is running running diet app

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnesspal screenshots

MyFitnessPal is on every app list for diet apps and nutrition apps because it is the most popular. It includes all of the features you’d expect, such as a database of over five million foods, full sync with their website service so you can count calories across platforms, a recipe calculator to see how much nutrition a home-cooked meal will have, and the ability to add multiple items at once. There’s also a decent fitness tracker with 350 exercises for both cardio and strength training. It is about the best all-in-one solution for both fitness and nutrition that you can find.

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


2. Lifesum

Lifesum screenshots

If you enjoy numbers — and what runner doesn’t? — Everything has a number in Lifesum. Literally. Yes, you can track your calories, but you can also keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Are you attempting to consume three servings of fruit per day? Every time you log a serving, the app will add a little fruit to your total until you reach your goal.

The weekly health score is a grade based on 16 nutrition and exercise measurements, and you’ll receive tips to help you improve your score, such as sleeping more or limiting your salt intake.

Rizzo, like Hogan, advises users to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

“People can get hung up on numbers, and they don’t always correspond to what someone should be doing,” she says. “It’s not a good thing to be hungry when you have no calories left for the day and don’t need them. You shouldn’t live and die by these figures.”

If you’ve decided that a diet plan is right for you and your goals, Lifesum also provides advice on specific diet plans.

“With this app, they can get an overview of the diet as well as specific advice on foods and recipes that fit within the diet plan,” says Rizzo. “The disadvantage is that if you choose a diet plan that isn’t tailored to your lifestyle, it won’t be a good idea.”

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


3. MyNetDiary


MyNetDiary, unlike most tracking apps, does not require you to create an account, making it a more private option. You can configure the home screen to display only the most important data points. The database, which contains information about food items, is updated daily, and users can submit photos of foods that are not currently available so that they can be added.

MyNetDiary provides a meal-planning service, which includes a menu of 21 days’ worth of meals and snacks to help take the guesswork out of meal preparation.

MyNetDiary’s GPS feature will also track your daily exercise, making it a one-stop-shop for achieving your objectives.

“The food score is really cool here,” says Natalie Rizzo, M.S., R.D. “It can assist people in determining what is a good food and what may not be so good.”

However, as Rizzo points out, a food score is only useful if it is scored correctly.

“Nuts have a lot of calories, but they have healthy fat,” she explains, adding that if the app assigns nuts a low score, it may not be taking into account the entire picture.

“People get hung up on the sugar in a banana, but it’s all-natural sugar with other vitamins and minerals,” she explains.

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


4. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit screenshots

Expert advice is invaluable, especially when attempting to achieve a difficult goal. “8fit” offers optimally tailored workouts and meal plans based on how many pounds you want to lose or where your priorities lie.

You can get in shape by doing fat-burning exercises on a regular basis by following the personalized workouts of 15-20 minutes. The app provides extremely useful tips for remaining completely focused.

To stick to the diet plan, use the grocery shopping list and weekly meal planner. Furthermore, 8fit has several interactive videos that demonstrate how to perform an exercise flawlessly or stay committed to your program.

Get it on: App Store | Google Play

5. Nourishly

Nourishly screenshots

Unlike weight-loss apps, which are often based on arbitrary numbers, Nourishly allows users to record their emotions, hunger levels before eating, and fullness levels after eating, all of which are important factors when it comes to eating mindfully, according to Kelly Hogan, M.S., R.D., a dietitian in New York City.

“There aren’t any numbers involved,” she claims.

Hogan also mentions that the app can assist runners who are experiencing GI issues, for example, in determining the source of the problem.

“There could be some emotion involved if you have stomachaches,” says Hogan. “And if you’re not thinking about or tracking that, you’re missing a critical piece.”

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


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6. BetterMe

BetterMe screenshots

BetterMe is another of the running diet apps recommended in this list. It is effective at changing both your workout and meal plans.

The app includes several weight loss exercises as well as personalized workouts to help you get in shape or improve your health. It gives you helpful hints and guidelines on how to eat properly based on your goals.

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


7. Diet by GetFit: Meal Planner

Diet by GetFit screenshots

Stop asking your friends and coworkers about diets; instead, download Diet by GetFit and get a variety of diet plans to help you lose weight. Whether you are looking for traditional or Keto diet plans. Furthermore, the app includes shopping lists for each plan, allowing you to shop only for the necessities.

Get a personalized meal plan that includes full recipes and other details. If you don’t like one of the dishes, feel free to substitute another. The Dairy feature serves as a daily calorie, protein, fat, carb, and water tracker. Join the blog to get more tips and tricks to help you with your weight loss program.

Get it on: App Store | Google Play


8. Noom

Noom screenshots

You literally have a personal coach helping you work toward your weight loss goals when you use Noom. And Noom is about much more than calorie counting. It employs a psychology-based approach to assisting you in navigating your environment, identifying triggers for emotional eating or cravings, and working with you to practice healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Your personal coach, on the other hand, may or may not be a registered dietitian or a certified psychologist. Its website lists its areas of expertise as psychology, social work, nutrition, and exercise physiology. Coaches complete a Noom-specific certification program that is recognized by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, and they complete the Centers for Disease Control’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coach training.

Get it on: App Store


9. Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo mock ups

This app, developed by New York Times bestselling authors Henry Fong and Michelle Tam, brings healthy and delicious recipes to the runner’s fingertips. There are recipes for paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and Whole30. All dishes are free of refined sugar, soy, and gluten. Recipes are well-organized and simple to find. The user sees both a recipe card and step-by-step instructions with photographs. The app is visually appealing, easy to use, and interactive. New recipes are added on a regular basis, and users can save their favorites. There’s even a detailed shopping guide with product reviews and links to ingredients and kitchen tools.

Get it on: App Store


10. WW

WW screenshots

This running diet app is designed to work in tandem with the WW (Weight Watchers) program.

“I like WW because they are committed to assisting people in losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner,” Rizzo said.

The point system is used to teach people about portion control and to encourage them to eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and less sugar. In addition, the app includes a barcode scanner, a plethora of recipes, and 24-hour support.

Get it on: Google Play


11. Rise

Rise screenshots

With Rise, you can work directly with a registered dietitian. Send a photo of your snacks and meals to your dietitian for expert advice on what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

“Dietitians assess what you’re eating and aren’t concerned with calories,” Rizzo says.

The disadvantage is that it does not address behavioral issues, such as if you are prone to emotional eating.

The app also allows users to upload their own before and after photos, which Rizzo, like many dietitians, dislikes but understands are popular and can be motivating for some people.

Get it on: App Store


Now that you’ve found a cluster of the finest running diet apps, make the most out of them to improve your health or shed plenty of extra pounds. Keep tracking nutrition with these awesome running diet apps!


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