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Top 11 Running Belt for Phone And Water (How to Wear Properly)

If you’ve ever struggled to tuck your phone, keys, and gel into your pocket before you get out the door, you’ll understand the need for a good running belt. However, finding a sturdy and unobstructed belt as you run can be a tricky thing. For a better understand, check our list of the best ones on the market, for all types of runners.

several of running belts

Basic elements of a good running belt

1. Storage

Each belt type has its own storage capacity. Therefore, you should consider exactly what you will use the belt for. Some belts have a large pocket, while others have separate compartments for you to organize your essentials.

Usually, running belts will be designed with zippered pockets that can securely hold valuables like money or keys, but some runners prefer open bags or gel rings for easy nutrition.

If you prefer convenient access to your phone, you may want a belt with lots of pockets that you can easily pull-out. However, not all bags are designed for larger phones. You should check the description carefully to make sure your belt is large enough to hold your phone.

2. Materials

As a product made for your running, the running belt is usually quite light. Materials that are light, stretchy and flexible, breathable and durable – such as Lycra, nylon and polyester – are recommended.

However, if you plan to run in wet conditions, a neoprene belt, which is water-resistant, can help protect your essentials.

3. Comfortable / Fits

Running belts in particular and running clothing in general, come in certain sizes. Determining the right size will eliminate factors that can cause you to lose weight during a run. Besides, the belt should also have an even weight distribution so as not to lose balance or affect your running.

Multiple belts can be adjusted to fit a variety of waist and hip sizes. It’s easier to get an adjustable belt that fits, but it can be a bit bulky and with a buckle that can pressure or irritate the skin.

Some other belts come in one size to fit all and pull in like a pair of shorts, so you don’t have to worry about the clasps that will tear your clothes or make your skin look bad. However, it can be more difficult to obtain an accurate fit for these fixed-size belts.


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Top 11 best running belt

1. Best general

FlipBelt zipper belts

FlipBelt Zipper enhances the security of classic FlipBelt by adding a secure zipper pocket in a travel belt pocket. It’s also perfect for travel and is designed to hold your passport while traveling and hold a huge phone.

FlipBelt Zipper is easy to use, comfortable and carries everything you might need while traveling or exercising – including phones, keys, identification, cards, cash, medical equipment and moreover. Simply step into FlipBelt Zipper like a pair of pants, place it in a comfortable position on your hips and forget that you’re wearing it.

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2. Best Budget

Sport2People running belt

The Sport2People Running Belt is built with two expandable pockets that can carry different valuables such as a cellphone, snacks, keys, ID, etc. It has an opening for your earphones so you can listen to music and conveniently adjust its volume.

It is made with waterproof neoprene material and a zipper that keeps things dry. This material is soft, which makes the belt comfortable. In adđition, it has three reflective darts.

You can also use Sport2People Running Belt when traveling, walking, or any outdoor activity. You may cover it with your jacket or shirt to keep it out of sight and protected. It’s an ideal waist pocket in large-crowd events and situations.

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3. Best to carry gel

SPIbelt Large Pocket Running Belt

SPIbelt Large Pocket is fantastically awesome. It should be an integral piece of kit for any runner who needs to carry more than a key.

It’s a fully adjustable, bounce-free running belt that stays put. On certain shopping sites, you can find it for under £20, and this is the only running belt you will ever need.

If you need a small personal item belt, then it would highly recommend giving the SPIbelt ago.

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4. Best for Marathon

The Fitletic Running Belt

Fitletic has made a useful, minimalist running belt that is lightweight enough not to slow you down. At longer distances (with warmer temperatures) 12 oz of water is not enough to stay hydrated, but the belt is ideal for short runs.

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5. Best for Long Runs

Sporteer Kinetic K1 Running Belt 

The Kinetic K1 Running belt secures your phone around the waist for a comfortable and bounce-free fit while allowing full access to the touch screen of your phone. The K1 Runner’s Belt can be worn across the front of the waist or on the lower back – whichever is more convenient and comfortable.

Weighing it at 3.5 ounces, the K1 Running Belt features an internal waterproof layer and foam padding to prevent sweat from entering the pocket, so your phone will remain dry during long workouts.

It is compatible with all lightning earphones, 3.5 mm wired earphones, and wireless earphones and earbuds.

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6. Best Minimalist: 

Nathan Zipster Running Belt

Safely stow your running essentials with the Nathan The Zipster Lite. Featuring a 4 pocket design, this belt allows you to carry your phone, gels, and keys in the weather-resistant zipper pockets and expandable pouches. It’s constructed from soft, stretchy mesh material for excellent comfort and a bounce-free run. Also, a small reflective Nathan logo on the belt enhances your visibility in low-light settings.

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7. Best to hold your phone

Tribe Slim

The Tribe Slim is designed to comfortably fit all phone devices. This premium runner belt waist pouch has an ultra-reflective strip designed to make sure that you are safe even when running at night or in low-light conditions! Run at night safely.

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8. Best waterproof: 

Aikendo Slim exercise belt

Aikendo Slim is designed with 3 ZIPPERED POCKETS for Keeping your essentials safe while exercising. It causes less uncomfortable bouncing or chafing while running.

Made with soft, skin-friendly Fabric, it features a close-fitting design. Besides, water-resistant fabric keep your phone cash dry in profuse sweat or light rain. Especially, it can be used for travel hidden money belt.

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9. Best with Water Bottles

URPOWER running belts

Since many people have nothing short of praises for the URPOWER running belt, it is safe to say that it delivers excellent results in regards to storage, function, design, and build.

With lifetime guarantees, it goes without saying that they are confident that they have released a quality product ideal for people who like convenience.

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10. Best Tuning

Lululemon fast and free

This breathable run belt is designed to keep you comfy as you clock up the miles. Lightweight, sweat-wicking and big enough for all your essentials, it’s available in two different unisex colorways.

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11. Best Plus Size

Dimok Water Resistant

Dimok waist pouch prevents items from bouncing around while you run, jog, walk or traverse obstacles. Fits waist sizes from 28″ to 49″ with a flexible and adjustable belt, you can wear dimok bag on top of clothes as you layer for the winter runs.

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A quick comparison of the best running belts

Brand Storage Care Fit
Four pockets, one with zipper Machine wash and tumble or hang dry Fits waist sizes from 18 to 48 inches
Two large zippered pockets Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 27.5 to 40.5 inches
One large zippered pocket Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 24 to 58 inches
One large zippered pocket Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 24 to 42 inches
One large pocket Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 24 to 40 inches
Four pockets (two zippered) Machine wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 23 to 48 inches
Zippered phone pocket, small side zippered pocket Zippered phone pocket, small side zippered pocket Fits waist sizes from 28 to 50 inches
Large zippered pocket Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 28.7 to 41.3 inches
Large zippered pocket; two pockets for water bottles Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 23 to 53 inches
One zippered pocket, two drop-in pockets Machine wash, lay flat to dry Fits waist sizes from 26 to 50 inches
One large zippered pocket, two side pockets Hand wash, hang dry Fits waist sizes from 28 to 49 inches


To sum up, you have understood the value of using the best running belt to improve comfort and performance. Try one of our list and see what effects it earns.


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