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22-Week Full Marathon Training Plan

A 22-week full marathon training plan that is perfect for first-time marathoners who are nervous about the race and want plenty of time to get ready. To start this schedule, it’s recommended that you have been running regularly for at least six months and can run at least 3 miles. If you haven’t had a recent physical, get cleared by your doctor before you start marathon training. 

full marathon challenge

Getting Started

Below are descriptions of what to expect and what to do each during your training.

Cross-Training (CT)

Cross-training can be walking, biking, swimming, or any other activity (other than running) that you enjoy. Marathoners-in-training benefits from strength training, so try to work at least one or two training sessions into your weekly training. When your schedule calls for cross-training, do your activity at a moderate level for 30 to 45 minutes.

Run Days

Run your prescribed mileage at a relaxed, conversational pace. Use your breathing to guide you. You should be able to easily breathe. Slow down if you notice your breathing becoming out of control.

To accommodate your schedule, you can move a run to a different day. You’ll want to do your long runs on Saturday or Sunday when you have more time. Your runs can be a mix of tempo, interval, and hill workouts if you want (this is not required). This will help you get in shape and become more comfortable with pacing.

When doing a marathon pace (MP) run, run the number of miles at your expected marathon pace. Run the rest of the distance at your normal easy run pace. If you’re unsure of your pace, try this calculator.

Rest Days

Rest is essential for your recovery and injury prevention efforts, so don’t think that running on rest days will make you fitter faster. You must gradually increase your mileage to avoid overuse injuries and burnout from constant running. Take a full day off in between running days, or do some light cross-training (CT).

This is an excellent plan for anyone who is new to running or who wants to progress to the marathon. You should be able to run three miles three times per week. If you are unable to do so, I would recommend using a couch to 5k (C25k) program or something similar until you have gained the necessary stamina.

You may notice that the long run is on a Fri, this is total to suit my own lifestyle and can simply be moved to a Saturday or whichever day suits you best.


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Detailed 22-week full marathon training plan

WellTraining Training Plan

Goal: 42.2 km

Times: 22-week


The secret to success in any training program is consistency. Therefore, as long as you are consistent with your training during this 22-week full marathon training plan, we believe that you can make the most accomplished performance ever. Good luck!


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