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4-Week, 10K Training Plan

Is a 10K race as hard as you think? By creating a list of alternate programs, you can get ready for the race in as little as four weeks with regular rest and training days. Yes!? You are not mistaken. Our perfect 4-Week, 10K training plan will help you do that.

two women aare running 4-week 10K training plan

Things to know about the 10K training plan

10K, short for 10 km or 10000 m. This is one of the most popular distances for runners.

The secret to our 10K training plan is to build endurance and strength without overtraining. To achieve this, it is important to follow the specified training schedule whether you are a beginner, an intermediate runner or an advanced runner.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t run longer or incorporate more changes into your weekly schedule. Simply avoiding this can go beyond its limits, which can not only make you physically revert but actually harm you.

The world record for running the 10K race track is just over 26 minutes. When you first start, you should focus on training fully for the distance and finish in good shape. In 10K races, you can try to beat your individual eliminating negative thoughts and conquering the distance.


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Before choosing a 10K training plan for yourself

Before you choose a plan, you need to take note of these training mistakes to make sure:

  • Save yourself: You can run 10K or more times in your plan during your workout. Don’t let your feet down and see how fast you can go. 
  • Note: Speed ​​sessions are not performed at your top speed. They are controlled to run as fast and shouldn’t be done as quickly as possible. 
  • Focus on the goal: If you are falling from a further distance, don’t underestimate how difficult it is to run 10K at PB speed. Find out how fast your target speed feels during training so you don’t start off too fast on race day. Accelerating too fast when starting to hit 10K is something everyone does. 
  • For strong endings, start settling down.


Detailed 4-week 10K training plan

WellTraining Training Plan

Goal: 10 km

Times: 4-week


Some other notes

  • Focus on both your nutrition and cross-training and follow whatever plans are right for you – what you’re putting into your body and strength workouts are just as important as the number. Your weekly miles.
  • If this is your first 10K, try running the log to help you see first-hand the improvements you are making after each run.
  • And don’t forget to reward yourself with those very important rest days.


With a few weeks of training, you can see some real improvements in your speed. Good luck!


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