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6-Week, 5K Training Plan for Beginner

5K is a short-range running suitable for all people of all ages, all health conditions. Running for a distance of 5 km is a prerequisite for you to run further, making running an indispensable practice routine in everyday life. Consult our 6-week 5K training plan for beginners.

A beginner is making 5K training plan

How to build a training plan for beginners?

The first thing you need is a determination

  • Please write down or print a schedule and post it anywhere (such as refrigerator, door, desk …) that easily catches the eyes of you and others. 
  • When it’s not enough to fight laziness and have a lot of reasons for procrastination, you need supervision, prompting, and encouragement.

Take care of all combinations

  • Basically, a 5 km running plan gives you the simplest access to long-distance running (for beginners, 5 km long) as simple as possible. 
  • The exercise program has a combination of walking and running, extending the time the legs move, moving on the ground (if exercising outdoors). 
  • The legs, as well as the body, gradually adapt to the changes, switching from walking to running more than walking. 


It’s good for beginner to know types of runs: 8 Types Of Runs Every Runner Should Know About


Detailed 6-week 5K training plan for beginner

To start this plan, you should spend at least six weeks running/walking for about 30 minutes, five days a week, and run at least twice the time you spend walking.

Note: You need flexibility in this plan: 

  • If it’s too easy, skip to the next week’s exercise. 
  • If the level is too heavy for your fitness level that indicates that the training is going too fast, take 2 weeks of training for a planned week – although ideally, you will finish the program in up to 14 weeks maximum.


WellTraining Training Plan for Beginner

Goal: 5 km

Times: 6-week



Some little notes when training

  • You can have a snack 2 hours before a workout to avoid a sudden hunger strike that could knock your willpower.
  • Before entering a running exercise, you need to warm up slightly by walking slowly and stretching after running.
  • No success comes easily without a sweat, you don’t need to be in a hurry.
  • Be patient and run will help you gradually “enlighten” this.
  • Remember to drink enough water for your body after running.
  • On holidays, you can do other sports that you like: swimming, cycling, gym …

a couple run follow the 5k Training Plan for Beginners

Improve fitness with the 6-week 5K training plan is really helpful for beginners, as long as you stick to it. Good luck!


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