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Can I Go Running At Night For Weight Loss?

Being overweight not only makes you feel inferior in appearance but also has potential risks of disease. One of the effective methods of exercise to lose weight is running. Are you wondering: “When is the best time to run? Can I go running at night for weight loss? This article will help you answer the above questions.

Running At Night For Weight Loss

1. Which time of the day should you run to lose weight?

Running at any time will help you regenerate energy, burn calories and lose weight as a question is a question of many people interested. In fact, each time of day has different effects on weight loss.

Run in the morning

Morning run gives your body a fair amount of oxygen. The high oxygen content in the morning air also makes it easier to breathe. At the same time, the body’s metabolism will be accelerated to burn more calories. Especially in summer, the morning time is also easier to run because it is still cool compared to the sweltering heat in the afternoon and afternoon.

In addition, this time, there are also fewer vehicles and less noise, thereby increasing the comfort of the practitioner. What’s more, if you usually eat a high-fat, high-calorie diet, then running on an empty stomach in the morning will prevent weight gain and improve glucose tolerance.

Each time of day has its own weight loss effects
Each time of day has its own weight loss effects

Running at noon

Midday is the best time for intense running. The body’s performance potential at lunchtime is 100% and not too tiring from everyday activities.

However, it should be noted that running after lunch can be difficult. Your body needs more time to digest depending on the abundance of lunch. Digestive problems should be avoided during intense exercise.

Running at night

If you are stressed out from a busy day and are having trouble solving problems, running long can help relieve stress easily. Since the body is still in active mode, you don’t need to heat up as much as in the morning. Plus, running at night also enhances nighttime fat burning.

Depending on your personal timetable, you can schedule your training time.

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2. The advantages and disadvantages of running at night for weight loss

Obviously, running at night is another weight loss method that you absolutely can choose from. Even so, it’s essential to fully understand the pros and cons of running at night.

Running at night for weight loss has both good and bad points
Running at night for weight loss has both good and bad points

2.1. Advantages of running at night for weight loss

Effective weight loss

Of course, this is the first benefit to mention. If you want to achieve optimal weight loss, you need to have a clear running plan.

With that, it is better to practice at least 30 minutes before entering the meal. However, for better weight loss results, you must have an extremely strict diet. Especially after jogging, because then your taste buds are better, which means you want to eat more.

Have a standard body

The ultimate goal of losing weight is to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted. Not stopping there, running in general and jogging at night in particular also help you maintain your figure.

And the running process also has the ability to help slim legs. Some argue that running will make the calves bigger. In fact, if you run the right way, you’ll have beautiful calves.

Reduce stress 

After a number of hours of intense labor, physical exercise can be seen as mental relaxation. Running makes the body release the hormones Endorphin to help us feel more at ease.

Relaxation and mental relaxation not only help you feel comfortable during weight loss but also help deepen sleep. Running at night with friends or family is sure to bring you a very happy experience.

Enhance muscle growth

Losing weight, one of the essential things to pay attention to is the elimination of excess fat in the body.

If you go through the process of wanting to build muscle it is possible to do some high-intensity exercises. You can choose to practice at the park or at home on the treadmill. Change the tilt of the conveyor to see if there are exercises for different slope degrees. If you exercise outdoors you have the ability to do running with different terrains.

running at night Enhances muscle growth
Running at night enhances muscle growth

2.2. Disadvantages of running at night for weight loss

The only downside to running at night is that it can affect sleep quality. Our bodies re-energize by exercising so if you run too vigorously, especially at night, you may find it harder to sleep than usual.


3. So how to run at night to get the best weight loss effect?

Choose a reasonable time

Running in the evening will give you more time to relax. You won’t need to be as busy as in the morning to get up early and exercise. However, not every time at night should practice.

It is better to go running and walking exercises before dinner or reluctantly 1 hour after dinner. Take a gentle walk for 30 to 40 minutes.

Need to practice before 9 pm so that the body can rest. Running late at night is bad for your health, potentially preventing you from falling asleep easily as well as seeing your nighttime cramps. That time is important for fast energy burning.

After 21 o’clock, rest comfortably.

It is better to go running and walking exercises before dinner or reluctantly 1 hour after dinner
It is better to go running and walking exercises before dinner or reluctantly 1 hour after dinner

Some note

  • Do not eat too full before training. This will make the body heavy, ineffective. However, it is not advisable to let an empty stomach practice. Eat before jogging for 30 minutes. Make sure your body has enough energy left for vigorous exercise.
  • Avoid excessive exercise intensity. One misconception among many people is that the higher the intensity, the better the ability to burn fat. Do not overdo it so that the body can easily lead to fatigue
  • Change the intensity during exercise. Don’t think you can only do the running exercises to get good results. Try alternating walking and running exercises so that you can stay on the exercise longer. The body just has time to recover strength during exercise.
  • Should start to warm up the body. That way we can avoid unnecessary injuries during the practice.
  • The training outfit is not tight but also not too wide to limit your activities, so you can perform the training process more effectively. Dress in the right weather is also essential to better protection of your health.
running at night for weight loss
You should choose suitable training outfit

In short, you can go running at night for weight loss. Running not only helps you lose weight but also prolongs life. Besides, a good lifestyle is also important for obese people. Let’s give yourself a habit of running daily!


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