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How Can We Make An Efficient Cycling Weight Loss Plan?

How to cycle to lose weight is a question that all of us need an answer. You have been cycling to improve your physique, strong bones, but weight loss cycling must be the right way to get the best results. If you want to know how to lose weight while cycling, please refer to the article below you will have the most suitable answer.

a fat woman is cycling

Can cycling lose weight?

Cycling can not lose weight? – Is the concern of many people, especially women. According to experts, cycling is the most effective weight loss solution, safe for your health, and get in shape quickly. This method of exercise helps to increase endurance, endurance, burn calories quickly, dissolve excess fat in the thighs, abdomen, effectively lose weight, bring a slim body for trainees.

Depending on your bike weight and level of cycling the calories will burn around 75-670 calories in 30 minutes or around 400-500 calories in just one hour of cycling. For instance:

  • Leisure speed 5mph: 75-155 calories
  • Moderate speed 10mph: 190-415 calories
  • Powerful speed, 15mph: 300-670 calories

Besides, it also helps the body toned and healthy. Helps to coordinate more flexible legs, buttocks and waist parts. At the same time, relieve stress, reduce stress, relax the spirit, full of energy, work more efficiently at work.


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Prepare to cycle for weight loss

At the beginning of the exercise process, you should always think about how long you cycle to lose weight. The answer is not in the time, but in whether you train with the right bike or not. Here are tips to help you practice effective weight loss with this healthy sport.

1. Choose the right bike

First, we need to choose a suitable and dedicated bike. Limit the use of small vehicles. Before buying, you should measure your height and weight to choose a reasonable car size. This will help you limit back, neck and joint pain during long-term exercise.

2. Correct posture when cycling

You need to determine the correct posture and maintain this habit during the exercise, adjust the height of the saddle so that it fits the cyclist so that it does not lean, straight back. Handles must be comfortable, limit hand fatigue.

3. Choose the right time

Studies show that the best calories burned and weight loss are achieved in the morning. Therefore, you should ride a bike at this time will help you a lot with weight loss.

In addition, cycling in the morning will be more comfortable because the fresh air, reduces stress, help you have more energy after training to prepare for a long day of effective work. Note that we should exercise with the right intensity, not too much because when the muscles work continuously, leading to overload will cause bone and joint pain. The best time to cycle is 30 to 45 minutes per day.

4. And the right place to practice

Choosing a training site is very important, cycling with weight loss will not greatly affect your weight loss process, so choose the best place to ride to help you maintain your daily workout routine. days with a relaxed, unrestrained mood.

The most ideal places for many people to practice are cool, green areas such as around lakes, parks, … You can also cycle from home to work, this not only helps you save money. training time but also helps to save travel costs and limit environmental pollution.

a man and a woman is cycling


How to make a cycling weight loss plan?

Cycling to lose weight is like accomplishing a certain job goal. Plan how to cycle to lose weight, the efficiency you will achieve will be maximum.

Steps to make a cycling weight loss plan: 

  • Start slowly: Initially, you should not exercise with high intensity, but should practice slowly, ensuring strength can be spread evenly throughout the session.
  • Agility flexibility: Cycling at a high speed for a short time will consume more energy and burn fat faster. You can also add uphill cycling and gradually increase the difficulty at the end of each workout.
  • Let your body recover: After each workout, your body is quite exhausted, give your body time to rest. Relax with a gentle ride. Don’t overdo it, take time to rest.

For example:

    • Typically, if you pedal for 30-40 minutes, you can split up small intervals and pedal according to the following schedule:
    • During the first 10 minutes, pedal slowly at a moderate pace to allow your body to adapt.
    • At the next stage, about 20 minutes need to pedal faster to burn calories effectively.
    • In the final stage, it takes about 5 or 10 minutes to slow down, slow down, relax, at this time relax your body and pedal gently.

However, you should continuously change when, where to practice and how difficult it is to lose weight quickly and effectively.

cycling to lose weight
Cycling absolutely can help you to lose weight
  • Set effective goals: Have a long battle with fat cycling. Measure your weight regularly to adjust the intensity of exercise properly.
  • Supplement essential food: Absolutely do not skip breakfast while cycling. We can choose healthy foods like salads, vegetables, milk and juices. In addition, please supplement protein from meat, eggs, … During the exercise, we can also snack to avoid hunger and always replenish water when needed.


How to cycle to lose weight at home?

How to cycle to lose weight at home is very much interested in many people. First, you have to prepare yourself for an exercise bike at home. These models work like normal bicycles but are designed with flywheel brakes to increase exercise weight. Not only helps you avoid dust, but it also helps you control calories consumed through the parameter meter. For example, a full lunch you will load in your body is 50kcal, when you train with a watch bike will display the distance you pedal and the calories you consume to avoid generating excess fat.

Exercise with the bike at home:

  • With the method of cycling freely, without time and speed limits: your muscles and tendons will be relaxed. It also helps you practice deep breathing and of course, that will help you eliminate fatigue.
  • Exercises that combine fast and slow cycling: rotating like that will create excitement.
  • Cycling at high speed: first you need to determine your health condition and choose the speed that suits you best. After a sweaty cycling session, fast, rapid breathing … will be very good for your circulatory system. Cycling at a fast speed also helps you to work at high intensity for a long time, very good for the muscle tone of the thighs. 

cycle at home

Cycling, whether indoors or outdoors, is a very effective way to lose weight for those who exercise. Hopefully, this article will help you more confident when deciding to choose cycling as a method to lose weight.


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