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What Are The Exercises For High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is an increasingly common disease. The exercises for high blood pressure are the best ways to control blood pressure as well as reduce the risk of dying.

a nurse is measuring blood pressure of an old man

About high blood pressure

High blood pressure is an increase in blood pressure acting on the walls of the blood vessels. It doesn’t manifest itself clearly, so you could have it for many years without knowing it. However, if not treated early, high blood pressure can cause dangerous complications such as heart attack, stroke.

This disease usually occurs only in the elderly. However, in recent years, the age with this symptom is gradually being rejuvenated.

To control blood pressure naturally without the use of drugs, the best way is to change lifestyle habits. The advice given is:

  • Exercise regularly, well-enough;
  • Having a reasonable diet, away from stimulants;
  • Good control of related diseases;
  • Regularly monitor changes in blood pressure at home with the appropriate meter.

In particular, exercise is always the top priority choice.


Exercises For High Blood Pressure

1. Walking

For real cardiovascular benefits, go a bit fast. It’s ok if you feel a little sweat and your breathing is a bit fast.

Walking is the easiest exercise for people with high blood pressure
Walking is the easiest exercise for people with high blood pressure

Walk for about 30 minutes a day, but it doesn’t need to be 30 minutes continuously, instead you can walk several times a day. According to Prevention, researchers at Arizona State University (USA) found that walking only 10 minutes and three times a day is a more effective way to help control blood pressure compared with 30 minutes of continuous walking.

The short walking exercises not only reduce the systolic blood pressure of the patient during the day and evening (similar to the 30-minute walking group) but also help maintain a state of lower blood pressure the next morning.

Remember to keep warm if you walk in cold weather.

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2. One of the exercises for high blood pressure – Run

The health benefits of running are needless to say! You can choose the running space that you feel most comfortable with, or use the treadmill at home if you do not have time to run outdoors.

The heart needs to get used to exercising, so start your first training with short distances, then gradually increase the distance. For people with mild hypertension, a good practice can run 10km or more.

Similarly, in terms of speed, every training session should start to slow down, then speed up and when you feel tired, slow down before stopping completely. You must not sit down right after running!


3. Cycling

In addition to strengthening muscles and joints, cycling also improves the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, metabolism as well as immune system. 

Many high blood pressure patients choose cycling to be their exercise
Many high blood pressure patients choose cycling to be their exercise

While cycling, the moving leg muscles press on the veins, helping the blood pump to the heart more stable. Reduces the risk of varicose veins, significantly reduces the sudden and sudden increase in blood pressure.

Its advantages are similar to that of running. However, the cycling distance will be larger than the running distance, meaning your training space will be larger.

Anyway, the downside of cycling is that you are almost obligated to join the traffic. You need to pay attention to your own safety.


4. Swimming

Swimming is an extremely suitable sport for people with high blood pressure. It has a good effect on the development of the nervous system, helping the nervous system to be balanced and sustainable.

However, there are some notes for people with high blood pressure when doing this sport:

  • Don’t play because you often have to exert yourself
  • Do not dive because holding it for a long time can harm people with high blood pressure
  • If it is cold, you should not swim in cold water.
  • Need to start slowly and end slowly
  • You should gradually increase your swimming level, once or twice a week, and also monitor your pulse.


5. Cardio exercises 

Cardio stands for cardiovascular training, can be understood as a combination of simple exercises such as running, dancing …

Like most other exercises, regular cardio keeps the heart and muscles working continuously. Cardio exercises not only enhance the flow of the blood but also burn a huge amount of calories and promote a healthy heart. Thanks to cardio, you can avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Correct cardio exercise helps control blood pressure
Correct cardio exercise helps control blood pressure

As a hypertension patient, you can choose some light cardio exercises like brisk walking, dancing, jumping ropes, or try jumping jacks.


6. Table tennis, badminton

Table tennis and badminton are light sports that are very safe for people with high blood pressure. They have the effects of strengthening, enhancing health, fighting the aging and degeneration of some parts of the body.

In addition, they train fast eyes and arms, which is good for the elderly, when their nervous system functions are impaired. A very good psychological relief effect on people with cardiovascular disease is also an advantage of table tennis and badminton.


7. Yoga is also one of the exercises for high blood pressure

Yoga controls stress and improves blood circulation techniques helps reduce blood pressure.

This type of exercise makes the blood vessels in your body flexible and maintains easy blood circulation through the arteries. The more flexible arteries can circulate blood even under high pressure. This leads to a decrease in blood pressure throughout the body.

Besides, yoga exercises are effective means to promote mood by secreting hormones and controlling brain signals, maintaining happiness for the practitioner. Thereby helping them relieve stress – one of the causes of high blood pressure.

A girl does yoga
Yoga helps lower blood pressure

There are a lot of measures to help hypertension people control their blood pressure. Above are the exercises for high blood pressure that we have selected. Hope they can help you live longer.


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