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7-Day Weight-Loss Healthy Meal Plan

Today, a great number of diets and weight loss tips are introduced, but most of them are impractical for the ability and well-being of most people. Therefore, a proper and detailed healthy diet plan is extremely essential. Join us to learn about the 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan and the issues surrounding it.

7-Day Weight-Loss Meal Plan

Three principles in building a 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan

First, you need to understand the principles when building a healthy weekly meal plan. Only that way, you can safely lose weight while ensuring a healthy and reasonable diet.

Principle 1: Know how to calculate calories

To lose weight scientifically, you need to know the principles of weight loss and how to calculate calories. Because weight loss in essence means making sure your calorie intake is smaller than the calories you consume.

When calculating the number of calories in a day you need to consume, you definitely cannot ignore the formula for BMR. This number means “basal metabolic rate” and this is the number of calories the body needs to perform daily activities.

The formula is as follows:

  • Female: BMR = 655 + (9.6 x kg) + (1.8 x cm) – (4.7 x age)
  • Male: BMR = 66 + (13.7 x kg) + (5 x cm) – (6.8 x age)

For example, when there is a need to lose weight, in the case BMR = 1567 calories, you will proceed to build a weight loss diet with less than 1567 calories in nutrition.


According to health experts, on average, reducing 7700 calories will help you lose 1 kg, so, every day you need to lose 1000 calories, your body will lose 1 kg in 1 week.

The fact is, many people choose to lose weight fast. This is extremely harmful to health because when not enough calories will make you tired.

The advice given is, if you want to lose weight steadily and still be healthy, you should only lose 0.45 kg / 1 week, which is about 2kg a month.


Principle 2: Choose a smart diet for your own 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan

To keep yourself healthy and functioning properly during weight loss, you need to formulate a healthy diet and careful food selection to minimize calorie intake.

According to experts, you should focus on eating low-carb, high-fiber, and protein-rich foods.

For carbs (Carbohydrates), 1g of carbs can bring 4 calories so an adult only needs to eat 500g of carbs to get enough energy to function all day. Eating too many carbs is the cause of body fat accumulation.

Protein should also be considered if you want to establish an effective diet for weight loss. 1g of protein can provide 4 calories. However, you will need a longer time to digest protein (about 4 hours).

Fiber is found in most vegetables. According to experts, for scientific weight loss, you should include a lot of fiber in your diet. For men, it is recommended to eat 38g fiber while women should eat 25g in 1 day.


Principle 3: Combine a weight-loss meal plan with exercise

Studies have shown that, while exercise may take longer to show results, exercisers burn more calories even when they are resting and tend to maintain a reduction. scales.

Exercise is great for both people who lose weight and normal people to have good health through choosing exercise that is suitable for each person’s condition and health situation. Research shows that exercising for 30 minutes a day, even if you divide it into three 10-minute exercise sessions, helps you lose weight and achieve all the health benefits of weight loss.

Follow these principles for the best weight-loss meal plan
Follow these principles for the best weight-loss meal plan

Benefits of exercise in losing weight read: Can I Go Running At Night For Weight Loss?


Detailed menu for a 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan

With that said, there are many weight-loss diets you can choose from. However, the two most popular diets among people losing weight are the General Motor Diet and the Clean Eating Diet.

If you are in need of a measure of rapid weight loss, the GM Diet is a good idea. General Motor Diet is a quick 7-day way to lose weight with a diet of mostly green vegetables and fruits. If you strictly follow this diet, you can lose 4-7 kg/week. However, this method of losing weight has many problems related to unproven health. You should consider carefully if you want to use this menu.

If you want more sustainable weight loss, the Clean Eating Diet is the perfect choice for you. Clean Eating weight-loss menu allows you to get a full range of protein and fiber carbohydrates. Compared with other means For other weight loss regimens, Eat Clean is one of the easy-to-follow and quick-acting weight-loss diets.

The first day of the 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan

The first-day helps to purify the body to eliminate toxins to prepare for an easy and effective weight loss journey. The first-day regimen consisted of only fruits and vegetables.


  • Breakfast: 1 banana smoothie
  • Lunch: cowpea salad with tomatoes
  • Dinner: mixed chicken vermicelli
  • Night: 1 apple


Day 2

Day 2 has not appeared on rice, but you should be persistent to lose weight early and have a slim waistline.

  • Breakfast: Unsweetened mango yogurt
  • Lunch: Sprouts salad
  • Afternoon: 1 lemon avocado smoothie
  • Dinner: 1 plate of beef and vegetables
  • Night: 1 cup of chocolate milk


Day 3

  • Breakfast: ripe plum and oatmeal porridge
  • Lunch: Chicken and corn salad
  • Afternoon: tomato vinegar salad
  • Dinner: taco cabbage.
  • Night: Fruit yogurt


Day 4

The 4th Day menu will have the addition of grilled chicken and fried eggs. Day 4 helps tighten the waist with details of the day such as:

  • Breakfast: fried eggs with cheese
  • Lunch: Cove bean salad
  • Afternoon: Banana mango smoothie
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken with vegetables, dessert with an apple.


Day 5

  • Breakfast: fried eggs,
  • Lunch: chicken shredded
  • Afternoon: 1 plate of boiled carrots
  • Dinner: salmon with soy sauce
  • Night: black currants with pistachios


Day 6

By the 6th day, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as banana ice cream, fruits with three rolls, or salmon.

Specific details:

  • Breakfast: mango pudding
  • Lunch: salmon butter salad
  • Afternoon: Banana ice cream
  • Dinner: Cucumber rolls with bacon
  • Night: dragon fruit.


The last day of the 7-day weight-loss healthy meal plan

On the 7th day, you make meals quite simple, including:

  • Breakfast: asparagus bare eggs
  • Lunch: meat sauce with pineapple
  • Afternoon: mango smoothie
  • Dinner: Pan-fried meatballs 
  • Night: 1 Orange


With this Clean Eating menu, you can make a variety of changes to your dishes next week. There is only a small note that this is a starch diet, so you need to persistently apply it to achieve the desired weight.

Clean Eating Diet is one of the best diets for a 7-day weight-loss plan
Clean Eating Diet is one of the best diets for a 7-day weight-loss plan


Tips should be used for maximum weight loss effect

Split up meals during the day

It doesn’t matter how many calories you eat in a day or eat many meals with snacks in between.

The distance between 2 main meals is about 5-6 hours – quite a long time. If you have to fast during this time, the overweight person will then eat a lot to satisfy their “hungry stomach”. Therefore, the number of calories they re-intake in excess and lead to excess fat accumulation. 

However, one thing to note, it is absolutely not to skip breakfast. Breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. If you do not eat breakfast, your body will be lacking in nutrients, harmful to its own weight loss activities in the future.


Drink water before eating

Drinking water regularly before eating makes you feel fuller, so you can limit weight gain from overeating. In addition, drinking water is also a very good way to promote metabolism, support effective weight loss.


Brush your teeth after eating

Brushing not only helps clean your teeth but also reduces your cravings. Furthermore, once you brush your teeth, you are often afraid to eat anything more. It is a good way to control your body.

Make your weight loss process a joy
Make your weight loss process a joy

Above is a detailed 7-Day Weight-Loss Healthy Meal Plan for you. Hope you can enjoy yourself healthy meal while achieving the desired weight.


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