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Cold Weather Running Gear: Must-Have Winter Items Checklist

Running is a popular sport for its versatility. You can run at any time of the year. However, running in particular and sports in general, have potential risks of injuries such as muscle tension, sprains, ligament stretches, dislocations, etc. Therefore, the fully-equipped gears for yourself when running, especially in cold weather, are extremely necessary. In this article, we will give you a “Cold Weather Running Gear: Must-Have Winter Items Checklist”.

a couple is running in cold weather

Things to prepare for running in cold weather

First, what do you prepare for cold weather running? Weather is a factor affecting the quality of your running session a lot. Therefore, you should have the right equipment for each type of weather.

1. Proper outfit

When running in the cold season, trainees need to pay attention to the issue of clothing. Winter running clothes are designed with superior fabrics such as lightweight, good warmth but not absorbent sweat. Practitioners should note the principle of “many layers” when running in cold weather conditions. Absolutely not wear warm clothes not used for sports. Runners should apply wearing multiple layers of clothing, which will keep warm more effectively.


2. Complete cold weather running gear

Not only clothes but also accessories are very important. You know, it’s just a little injury from any part of the body that can make us feel uncomfortable during the exercise. Practitioners need to protect the head and face thoroughly. Use multi-purpose hats and towels to cover your head, neck, and face while running.


3. Skin protection

Does winter running also have the potential to damage your skin? The answer is yes! Running in the winter can easily damage the skin if exposed to the cold for too long. Winter is often low in humidity, so it is necessary to use lotion to apply before running, wear long clothes to avoid skin contact with a cold environment.


4. Stay hydrated when running in winter

Running in winter does not mean our body is not dehydrated. In fact, even in cold weather, our body secretes as much sweat as it does when running in the summer. Therefore, you should stay well hydrated when exercising in the winter. Approximately 200ml every 20 minutes is the recommended dosage.

a woman is stretching
You should be well prepared before runs

To choose which types of runs you can use in winter read: 8 Types Of Runs Every Runner Should Know About


Cold weather running gear – Must-Have Winter Items Checklist

So you have an overview of what to keep in mind when running in winter. Now all you need to do is take a look at our checklist and see if there is any preparation left.

1. Clothes

  • Clothing used should be made of synthetic fiber, good sweat-absorbent, the outer layer can be waterproof, lightweight (windbreaker).
  • Do not dress brakes, because it is easy to catch a cold. You should wear a long sleeve shirt with running pants.
  • Do not wear too thick when going to exercise, because the body will be very difficult to move, reducing the efficiency of running exercise.
  • You can choose to add an inner heat jacket and a windbreaker, or a cold-weather running jacket for wind resistance. This will help the body to be optimally protected, avoiding cold during exercise.


2. Cold weather running gears for face, head, and ear protection

  • Winter running means that you run when the temperature is low, you should wear a hat and gloves.
  • In addition, winter air is often cold and dry, which can cause bronchospasm, and you need to limit the air entering your lungs. Running with a small lightweight face mask gives you more warm air before inhaling your lungs.


3. Moisturizers

This probably goes without saying, but moisturizers are your best friend during the winter months. Because runners in cold weather are often covered, you might think that you just need to moisturize your face. Incorrect. The body also needs to be massaged evenly with lotion.


4. Water bottle

  • You should find yourself bottles for sports use.
  • Prepare warm water for runs.
  • Remember to drink water properly.


5. Suitable shoes

  • Shoes should not be too tight. If you plan to run in temperatures below -15 degrees, you may need to wear an extra pair of socks – shoes should be designed for this.
  • The socks should not be woolen enough, semi-synthetic models, and best of all – no seams.
Images of cold weather running gears
Must-have winter items

Keep yourself safe while running in cold weather

As we mentioned earlier, running in cold weather can cause undesirable injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the following precautions in mind.

1. Do not go running too soon

Cold weather in the morning can have frost, in addition, in the early morning, trees do not photosynthesize, so the amount of carbon dioxide released by plants is still very much in the air. Therefore, if you run too early, it will be harmful to your health. Please wait patiently when it is brighter, plants photosynthesize, and more oxygen in the air will create the ideal environment for you to run.


2. Warm-up well before running

Not only running, but any sport also requires careful warm-up before practice. When running in cold weather, warm up thoroughly to the muscles, joints, and warm up well before starting the exercise.


3. Pay attention to breathing while running

In cold weather, we are very susceptible to respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to breathing when exercising.


4. Look for signs of frostbite or hypothermia

  • Numbness in limbs
  • Loss of sensation
  • Skin burns due to too cold.
  • Sputter
  • Shivering
  • Shivering continuously …

If you experience any of these symptoms, stop running and go home. Keep your body warm by turning on the heater, rinsing your body with hot water, and then covering the head with a blanket. 

A girl is doing warm-up

To sum up, running is a simple exercise with high health and mental benefits. Hope that our “Cold Weather Running Gear: Must-Have Winter Items Checklist” will help you run in the safest and most effective way!


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