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Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Women, Good for High Arches

Most women have a different foot structure than men. Specifically, they often have high arches. Does this have an effect on the choice of running shoes? Join us to find out the top 5 best running shoes for women, good for high arches in this article.


1. The first running shoes for women that you should try – NIKE WOMEN’S AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 36

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36, with 28 vibrant colors to choose from, is a stylish shoe.


Perfect for women with high arches, the Nike Pegasus gives good arch support in an overall comfortable shoe:

  • It is actually quite light, airy and luxurious, with ample cushioning.
  • The toe box allows enough room for your toes to rotate properly when participating in high-impact activities.
  • This Nike shoe design is suitable for the elderly as well as those who need special support due to the high arch.

The downside is that these shoes tend to be narrow, so if you have regular to wide feet, consider ordering wide. Also, go with at least ½ of a size larger than your usual size.



The comfort and stability of this ASICS design make it a good choice for workouts. For women with high arches, assisting in these activities is especially important to avoid leg soreness.


About its design:

  • ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoe is a shoe with laces. It is made of breathable mesh fabric.
  • It has a padded tongue and collar for support and comfort. The collar is not only comfortable but also provides good support for that area of ​​the foot.
  • This shoe has good shock absorption. Its stability promotes a natural gait, so it seems to be a good choice even for younger people.


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3. BROOKS GHOST 12 WOMEN’S RUNNING SHOE – Another running shoes for women option

Brooks Ghost’s 12 Women’s Running Shoe is a lightweight option for women with high arches. It provides great support and cushioning, but not so much that it feels bulky.


The upper mesh allows your legs to breathe, ensuring your legs won’t get stuffy after a stressful workout or a long work shift.

  • New and unique segmental shock-absorbing pads designed with shock absorbers help reduce the impact of your stride, no matter where you land. This is especially important for heel strikers.
  • Ghost 12 is a great choice for players who are too old, as it encourages a natural gait that will reduce the likelihood of injury. The right support also promotes less wear and tear.

The biggest plus is that these shoes are reasonably priced while delivering performance, comfort, and especially a good-looking appearance.



For those who are about to step out the door and hit your nearest street, the Salomon XR Misson will be the shoe to help you do. This new Salomon XR Mission long-distance shoe replaces a design that promises flexibility, lightness and comfort for short to medium range runs.


The advantages of this shoe company are shown in details such as:

  • Smooth and soft heel-to-toe transitions. Conversion from the road to the trail is very good
  • Light
  • Ideal grip even in muddy, wet conditions.
  • The upper ventilation mesh reduces moisture accumulation.
  • Fast threading system for safe, fast lacing.

In particular, the Salomon XR Mission running shoes are not expensive to buy.


5. ALTRA WOMEN’S TORIN 3.0 RUNNING SHOES – one of the perfect running shoes for women!

Altra Women’s Torin Running Shoe is the perfect running shoe for women with high arches.


You will enjoy a smooth-running process with great design:

  • There is an anatomical toe box for foot comfort and a natural elevation of the heel position when walking or running.
  • The Altra Torin shoe has a zero foundation and this enhances the running experience and reduces the stress on the entire body while wearing it.
  • Suitable for long-distance runs, as a one-to-one ratio of heel-to-toe padding leads to a better heel-to-toe transition, thereby enhancing running and training experience.

In contrast to most running shoes, they are a bit larger and you may need to place them half the size of your normal size.


Tips on choosing running shoes for women

Of course, every product in the world has its own shopping trick. Especially for running shoes.

1. Arch Support

The first thing you should look for in a pair of running shoes if you have high arches is the arch brackets. A shoe with a lower arch won’t provide enough support for your unusually high arch.

2. Cushion

Shoes should have enough cushioning for comfort, especially for activities that you engage in over a long period of time. You should find the right combination of stiffness and stiffness when you put pressure on the sole.

3. Shock absorption

Cushioning is important for adequate shock absorption, as well as the height of the dome. In addition to a, for high-impact activities like running, a generous toe box is important. Toes should have enough space to spread when the ball of the foot touches the ground.

4. Stability

Stability and firmness will aid a natural gait. You won’t feel any unevenness on impact.

5. Material

Mesh or other fabric allows for ventilation, while leather and materials such as leather can retain moisture and become uncomfortable after an extended period of operation.

6. Style

Of course, for the ladies, running shoes need not only be suitable for training but also show their style. There are a variety of shoes on the market designed specifically for women, so choose until you find the one that suits them best!

7. Comfortable

Comfort should be of primary concern. And remember, only your feet will tell you if they are right for you!

A girl is preparing to run with her best running shoes for women

You know, only with the best running shoes can you get the best performance out of your training. Above is our suggestion for the top 5 best running shoes for women, good for high arches. Have a good practice!


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